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AM2 Exam Sections

AM2 exam Section A1: Risk assessment and Safe Isolation

Section A1 consists purely of the completion of a risk assessment form provided by your assessor and by performing safe isolation on the AM2 exam unit which you will be working on.
The target time specified for this section is 1 hour, which should be enough to complete both tasks without the pressure of not having enough time.

In order to prepare yourself for this part of the exam feel free to read through our relevant guides:

AM2 TIPYou must perform a 100% correct safe isolation process in order to pass this part of the AM2 exam. Practice safe isolation with a friend or colleague until you do every step without thinking about what step to do next.
AM2 TipDon`t forget to place the key in your pocket after you lock the padlock on the isolator! Many people forget that or don't know what to do since the key is not their property. Just keep it in your pocket and return it after the work is done.

AM2 exam Section A: Composite installation

This is the longest section in the new AM2 exam. You will have 8 h 30 min to finish all the tasks at hand. You will be expected to install the following:

  • Protective devices in a TP&N distribution board
  • A two-way and intermediate lighting circuit in a PVC/PVC multi-core cable
  • A BS 1363 13A socket outlet ring circuit in a PVC single core cables
  • A carbon monoxide detector safety service circuit in a FP200 type cable
  • Data outlets circuit in a Cat 5 cable
  • A BS EN 60309 16A socket outlet in a XLPE SWA cable
  • Protective equipotential bonding to gas and water services
  • A 3-phase direct on line motor/starter circuit in a SY cable
  • An S Plan central heating and hot water system with a solar thermal sustainable energy element utilising heat resistant flexible cable and PVC single core cables

AM2 tipFeel free to read through our guide for each of the tasks required in detail in order to gain confidence for the AM2 exam.

AM2 Section B: Inspection, testing and certification

You will be required to demonstrate occupational competence in each of these tasks:

  • Performing a Safe Isolation Procedure to ensure the installation is safe to work on
  • Carrying out visual inspection of the installation in accordance with BS 7671 and IEE Guidance Note 3.
  • Completing all the relevant tests on the installation in accordance with BS 7671 and IEE Guidance Note 3:
  • Continuity of protective conductors
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarity
  • Earth fault-loop impedance
  • Prospective fault current
  • RCD test
  • Functional testing
  • Completing the electrical installation certificate, schedule of inspections and schedule of test results.

You will have 3 h 30 min available for this section. You will be required to perform a 100% correct inspection, testing and certification process in order to pass this part of the new AM2 exam.

AM2 TipTo gain confidence, feel free to read through our dedicated guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification.

AM2 Section C: Fault diagnosis

You will be required to demonstrate occupational competence in these tasks:

  • Correctly identify and use tools, equipment and instruments that are fit for purpose.
  • Perform a safe isolation procedure to ensure the installation is safe to work on - Feel free to read through our guide on Safe Isolation in order to gain confidence.
  • Identify faults from the fault symptom description given by the examiner.
  • State and record how the identified faults can be rectified.

You will be presented 7 random faults to investigate and diagnose. You will have to state the methods required for repairing the faults. Target time for this section is 2 hours.
In order to be successful in this part of the new AM2 exam you must be able to read, follow and understand circuit diagrams of potentially complicated circuits like the S plan heating system with solar incorporated. The faults should be found using logical and methodical approach with the aid of common test equipment.

AM2 tipYour biggest friend for finding the faults will be the low ohm reading continuity tester.
AM2 tipRemember, all faults will be wiring faults! There will be no faulty components. You will encounter short circuits, open circuits, reversed polarity faults, low insulation resistance and cables connected to incorrect terminals.

AM2 Section D: the online exam

This part of the new AM exam consists of thirty questions, and the maximum time is one hour.
The exam covers the following areas:

  • Health & safety
  • Hand tool use & care
  • BS 7671 IEE Wiring Regulations
  • Motor control & overload protection
  • Installation techniques
  • Building regulations
  • Environmental/Sustainable systems

You will be allowed to use the following books during the exam:

  • BS 7671 IEE Wiring regulations
  • IEE On Site Guide
  • IEE Guidance Note 3
  • Electrical Installers guide to the Building Regulations

We recommend to familiarise yourself with contents of the above stated books. Time will be against you so it is important to be able to find the answers fast enough within the books.


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