Carbon monoxide detector circuit (AM2 Exam) |

Carbon Monoxide Detector Circuit (AM2 Exam)

Installing a carbon monoxide detector is part of the AM2 exam. This is one of the simplest tasks in the AM2 exam since all you have to do is to choose the correct cable and protective device and connect the preinstalled detector to the CU.

You will be using 1.5mm2 FP200 cable for this task. The fireproof FP200 cable will need to be secured on the preinstalled cable tray using fireproof ties with fireproof glands at the fused connection unit.

You will start by connecting the fused connection unit to the protective device in the CU and follow by connecting the load side of the fused connection unit to the detector itself.

The correct protective device for this circuit is a 6A Type B MCB.


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