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16A Socket Outlet Wiring (AM2 Exam)

This part of the AM2 composite installation exam is one of the most difficult ones.

You will be required to terminate SWA cable from the CU to the nearby IP rated isolator. It is required that the cable is exactly the right length so that it will be placed on the preinstalled cable tray with a 90° bend. From the isolator you will be required to use 2.5mm2 singles cable to the 16A socket outlet.

Terminating SWA cable takes a lot of practice to master. The best way to learn is to get a short length from somewhere and practice with a SWA gland until you do it fast and precisely every time.

Do not be confused if you will be presented with a four core SWA cable. This simply means that you will have to use the outer metallic sheeting of the cable as Earth. In the case that you are presented with a five core SWA cable you will still need to earth bond the outer metallic sheeting of the cable.

This circuit is ideally protected by a 20 A Type C MCB.


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