Data outlets circuit (AM2 Exam) |

Data Outlets Circuit (AM2 Exam)

A new addition to the AM2 exam is the data circuit with the use of Cat5 cable. In modern times electricians are required to deliver not only the electrical containment but the IT infrastructure of the building as well. This usually involves the installation of LAN networks which use Cat5 cable and data outlets.

For this task you will need a special tool - a “PunchDown” tool which will be provided by the examination centre.

All you need to do is to connect the two data outlets together with Cat5 cable.
To do this you will need to follow the colour codes on the data outlets and make sure that every wire goes to the same coloured terminal on both data outlets.

It is very important that the Cat5 cable must be placed in to the top or bottom section of the compartmental trunking and where it is necessary to cross the middle section a bridging part must be inserted in to the middle section of the trunking.


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