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Marketing For Electricians

Getting people informed about you and your services is the first step to reach your potential customers.  That is why marketing is extremely important for every business.

We have compiled a list of ideas especially aimed for electricians. This list is not just a pile of random ideas. We have been through the process of starting up ourselves as well and we have discovered what works and what does not. Apart from the obvious ones, such as business cards and a website there are many clever ideas to be implemented. The list is made in the order of ROI (Return on Investment).  However, what has worked in one part of the country might not do well in other, so make sure you try as much as you can in order to promote yourself.

Here is our list of marketing ideas for electricians:

  • The best way to start is by providing discounted work for family and friends. Nothing is more powerful then word of mouth.
  • Have a start-up promotion in your street. Go around your neighbours and tell them about yourself and the services you are doing and ask them if they know somebody who needs work done for them. Make sure you give them your business cards.
  • Your van is your moving signpost, always keep it neat and tidy and try to park it in a highly visible location such as street corner.
  • Try to make friends with builders and plumbers. Your local pub is a good place to start.
  • Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Create a Facebook page and ask all your friends to like it. Keep posting interesting content from time to time in hope that they will share it with someone else.
  • Run a short Google AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is an incredibly powerful tool for advertising online. You can start with a set budget; target your ads for a certain geographical area as well as your target demographics. After the campaign has run its course you can see how much work you got out of it. This can be excellent in some rural areas of our country, or not so good in places of high competition, such as London.
  • Advertise your business through free directory websites. You could also put ads to websites such as and Gumtree.
  • Print some nice colourful fliers and try to display them in your local supermarket, newsagent, fitness centre or any other place you can think of. In our experience leaflet dropping in to houses is not worth the expense, but you can always give it a try.
  • Go around and talk to letting agents. They might have a contract for renewal.
  • Go around your local businesses and offer them discounts on your first job. Make sure you look presentable and professional and never push too hard, otherwise you might cause unwanted reaction.
  • Register and go to business networking events in your local area. Leave business cards with as many people as possible.
  • If your kids go to school their teachers could also be your target group, so you might find a way to inform them, as well as the other children's parents that you are an electrician.
  • Try sponsoring local events such as a school fete. There might be other events and gatherings around where you could provide some of the prizes for free advertising.
  • If you are really desperate, you could register with websites such as TrustedTrader and RatedPeople. In our experience these websites are full of cowboys who undercut the professionals making everybody`s lives hard. But who knows, it might just be perfect for you. J

If you come up with something new and original, make sure to let us know. Good luck!


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