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C&G 2365 - 302 Principles of Electrical Science - Multiple-choice Practice Simulator

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The C&G 2365 Unit 302 written exam is one of the hardest exams of the C& 2365 course. It covers a wide range of subject and it involves detailed and sometime complex calculations.

The best way to prepare for this exam is to keep practising the Level 3 questions and answers until you feel ready to undertake the real exam.

That is why we put together the exam simulator found on this page. It covers a wide range of subjects within the field of Electrical Science required for trainee electricians preparing for the C&G 2365 Unit 302 written assessment. The subjects are listed bellow, but note that some of the questions are very detailed and/or involve advanced calculations because the exam simulator is aimed at Level 3.

Even though the C&G 2365 Unit 302 test is a written assessment and not a multiple-choice online test, we are 100% confident that if you repeatedly achieve a pass on our exam simulator you will be prepared to successfully pass the written assessment required.

The exam simulator randomly selects 30 questions from the bank of about 400 questions. You are allowed 90 minutes to answer them with 80% pass mark. This high pass mark  is intended to help you adequately prepare for a rather difficult written exam.

You will need blank paper and calculator to work out questions involving calculations.

Remember, the C&G 2365 Unit 302 written test is a closed book exam. In order to simulate real exam conditions you should practise without the aid of any materials or books.

Subjects covered:

  • Principles of electricity
  • Electrical calculations
  • Basic electrical circuits
  • Electrical components
  • Electronic components
  • Electromagnetism
  • Basic mechanics
  • Star/Delta configurations
  • Electrical equipment
  • A.C. circuits
  • Three phase supplies
  • Circuit protection
  • Measuring and test instruments

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