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3-Phase DOL Motor/Starter Circuit

This part of the AM2 exam requires you to wire up a 3 phase DOL motor starter to a simulated 1 KW motor.
Although this might sound as a difficult task it is not. The DOL starter itself is already prewired for you. All you need to do is to connect a 3 phase supply to the starter itself and connect the cable supply from the starter to the motor.

To start you would use 1.5mm singles cable from the 3 phase protection device in the CU to the DOL starter. Singles cable is acceptable for this task since it will be located in steel trunking. As always on the new AM2 exam – you don`t need to worry about the trunking itself because it is already preinstalled for you.

From the DOL starter you will be using SY cable to supply the simulated motor. You will need to terminate the SY cable with the appropriate SY cable glands. We recommend that you practice this before the exam so that it won't take too much time.  Don`t forget to secure the SY cable to the preinstalled cable tray with cable ties.

The required protection device for this circuit is a 10A Type C MCB.


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