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S Plan CH and HW System With Solar

As part of the new AM2 exam you will be required to fully wire up an S plan central heating and hot water system with a solar thermal element.

This part of the new AM2 is the most time consuming one so our advice is to leave it to the end so that you can spend all you remaining time on it if needed.

The easy part of this task is to supply the system from the CU via a Fused Connection Unit.
To do this you will need to use 2.5mm2 singles cable run in the metallic trunking to the FCU from the protection device inside the CU. From the FCU you will continue with 2.5mm2 singles cable to the appropriate connectors in the wiring centre box.

At this stage you will need to follow the provided wiring diagram to wire up the whole system. Being able to followwiring diagrams is essential to finish this part of the AM2 exam.

The recommended protection device for this circuit is a 16A Type B MCB.


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