Bookkeeping spreadsheet for electricians |

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet For Electricians

Having your own business as an electrician requires paperwork which can be very tiresome and frustrating. The best way of dealing with this is to be organised as best you can.

That’s why we recommend this bookkeeping spreadsheet which is specially designed for electricians and is suitable to be a bookkeeping spreadsheet for a typical electrical small business.

The spreadsheet is available to download from bellow and is completely free to use, share and modify if required.

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet For Electricians

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet For Electricians

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Download

How to use the bookkeeping spreadsheet

This bookkeeping spreadsheet consists of three sections, accessible from the lower left corner: income, expenses and capital allowances.

The top of all three sections holds data about your company name, address, telephone number and the current tax year for which the spreadsheet is for. When you enter these data in the “Income” section of the spreadsheet (fields C2,C3,C4,C5) and it will be copied across to other sections.

The Income section

This section consists of columns for three different income types (type 1, type 2, type 3). Use these columns to file your income stating the date, details of the income and the amount received.

Fields are provided for three different income types to be entered relating to the same electrical business of yours, but chances are you will only have one, maybe two different types of income. For example you will have income from doing work for your customers and you could also have income from occasionally working for agencies as a subcontractor.

The Expenses section

This section holds columns for expenses typical for electricians. You should file your expenses throughout the tax year, as they arise. Doing this will ensure that you are always on top of your paperwork. It will also make tax return preparation easier at the end of the tax year.

The Capital Allowances section

Use this section in the same manner as the expenses section. The three different columns provided are typical for an electrical business.

Unprotecting the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is free to use and edit as required, however in order to prevent accidental changes to the calculations some of the fields are password protected. If you need to edit these fields, please sign up for our newsletter.

You will find the password for all our spreadsheets in the conformation email sent out to you

We hope you will find this bookkeeping spreadsheet useful for your small business. As always, if you find this content helpful, please support us by liking and sharing our page. Any suggestions and comments are also welcome.


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