Guide to the Electricians CompEx course |

Guide To The Electricians CompEx Course

If you wish to work as an electrician within the Oil and Gas industry, you must complete the full CompEx course. On these pages you will find out about requirements, explosion protection concepts and other related subjects.

What is CompEx?

CompEx is the leading national training, assessment and certification scheme for electricians and other electro-technical craftspersons working in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres. As a national joint training initiative, CompEx is developed and implemented by the Engineering Equipment and Material Users Association (EEMUA) and JTL and is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

As an electrician you will need to complete a CompEx course in order to work in on off-shore oil and gas installations (oil rigs, jack-ups, etc), distilleries, petrochemical plants and any other petrol forecourt environments. In other words - if you feel the need to do something challenging you might want to work in the offshore oil and gas industry.

In order to gain access to this lucrative industry, you will need to complete the CompEx course in one of the nationwide training centres.

Our Guide for the CompEx Course is intended to prepare you for the course by giving you all the basic and absolutely essential details that you must remember in order to gain this valuable qualification. We shall focus on details that are really important.

After studying this guide and completing the sample questions you will still need to attend the full CompEx course, but with a much greater chance for successful completion. You will find it far less stressful and even enjoyable.


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