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Common Candidate Mistakes on the AM2 Exam

National Electrotechnical Training (NET), the provider of AM2 examination, at one point released an excellent document listing the most common errors made by candidates. Since then the document has been removed from their site but we got th emost important points here bellow listed.

In order to gain even better insight in to the common mistakes made by candidates we have conducted a survey among our members.

Our survey found these to be the top 3 reasons for failure:

  • The single biggest error made by candidates is leaving the key in the padlock during Safe Isolation. Remember, you must remove the key and place it in your pocket! Many candidates fail to do this.
  • Not placing warning signs around the installation during Safe Isolation
  • Forgetting to prove test instrument after testing. Everybody remembers to prove the testing instrument before Safe Isolation, but many of us forget to test it after.

As you can see all three reasons are related to Safe Isolation procedure. Something that is so simple to do in everyday life that we do not even think about it. However, under examination pressure, it has been proven that it is extremely easy to make mistakes about it. Unfortunately these mistakes mean a failure in the AM2 exam.

No need to say that we highly recommend Safe Isolation Procedure practicing with the help of our little guide.


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