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C&G 2357 Unit 305 Mock Exam

This is a C&G 2357 Unit 305 mock exam. In order to simulate the exam conditions we recommend using a stopwatch set to 30 minutes. During that time you need to answer all 15 questions. Remember this is a closed book exam.

You will find the correct answers on the next page. Good luck!

1. What is the CORRECT name for the current IEE wiring Regulations?
a) BS 7671:2008
b) BS 7671:2001(including amendment 3)
c) BS 7671:2005
d) BS 7671

2. There are THREE standard types of Emergency light. Which one of the following is not one of these standards ?
a) maintained
b) non-maintained
c) sustained
d) contained

3. Which specific set of regulations set out the 'recommendations for the installation and servicing of fire alarms and is the accepted code of practice for these systems?
a) BS7671:2008
b) BS4343
c) BS5839
d) BS5266

4. What is the most hazardous zone in a bath / shower room?
a) zone 1
b) zone 3
c) zone 2
d) zone 0

5. What is the standard safe operation voltage of construction site tools?
a) 12V ac
b) 230 V ac
c) 240 V ac
d) 110V ac

6. Where an installation incorporates an RCD, a prominent notice shall be fixed at or near the origin of the installation informing persons that the RCD should be tested, using the test button
a) monthly
b) quarterly
c) half yearly
d) annually

7. In a location containing a bath or shower, 13 A socket-outlets are prohibited within a distance of 3 m horizontally from the boundary of
a) zone 1
b) zone 2
c) the plug hole
d) a light point

8. An exposed conductive part has become live due to a short from phase, prevention of electric shock by earthed equipotential bonding and the automatic disconnection of supply is by:
b) an earth cable
c) trunking
d) not touching it

9. What isn't covered by the scope of the BS7671
a) Prefabricated buildings
b) Exhibitions and fairs
c) Agricultural and horticultural premises
d) Fixed offshore installations

10. In agricultural installations, measures for protection against fire shall be provided by RCDs having a rated residual operating current not exceeding
a) 30 mA
b) 100 mA
c) 300 mA
d) 500 mA

11. Which one of the following circuits does not require additional protection by an RCD when forming part of a temporary installation at a fairground?
a) A 230 V lighting circuit within arm's reach
b) A 230 V 16 A socket-outlet circuit
c) A 110 V socket-outlet circuit
d) A 12 V SELV lighting circuit

12. What is the primary purpose of a UPS in a busy IT office?
a) It maintains a steady, filtered mains supply
b) It provides a time-limited mains supply during a power cut
c) It backs-up data during a power cut
d) It allows 230v to remain on indefinitely during a power cut

13. What does BS 7671:2008 detail about 13A socket-outlets installed in an agricultural / horticultural installation?
a) MAX 10 sockets per circuit
b) Standard domestic IEE regs apply
c) No sockets allowed
d) All sockets to be RCD protected

14. What is the maximum disconnection time for 230v AC portable equipment (of less than 32A) using a ring or radial system of socket outlets (assuming a TN system of Earthing)?
a) 10 secs
b) 0.4 secs
c) 0.2 secs
d) 5 secs

15. What is the protective wrapping found underneath the PVC outer covering of a FP200 cable?
a) tin foil
b) steel screen
c) lead sheathing
d) aluminium foil


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