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The Part P Exam

When we talk about the Part P exam, we are referring to the exam on the Building Regulations 2010. The qualification that covers this is the C&G 2393 The Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings.

The exam itself is a multiple-choice online GOLA exam, consisting of 20 questions within the allowed time of 40 minutes. It is an open book exam, for which both the Building Regulations 2010 document (including Approved Document Part P) and the IET Electrician`s Guide To The Building Regulations are allowed.

As we said earlier on, the exam will cover all parts of the Building Regulations, not just Part P. This might sound strange to practising electricians - having to answer questions about say ventilation or soundproofing, as this is not something you would normally expect from an exam for electricians. But, don`t worry, the questions that will come up in the exam are one way or the other relevant to electrical work.

The exam is structured in such a way that there are eight questions on Part P itself and 12 questions on all other parts of the Building Regulations.

How to prepare for the exam

To make things simpler and easier we recommend focusing your studies on the IET – Electrician’s Guide To The Building Regulations book.

This book covers everything that you will encounter on the exam. It is better organized as the Building Regulations itself which makes finding the answers easier.

The best way to prepare for the exam, as always, is to have one good detailed read of the book and try to highlight everything that could be important from the point of view of the exam.

After this, the best thing to do is to practice with mock exams until you feel that you are ready for the exam.

We have prepared a mock exam simulator for the PART P exam that you can use for free and as much as you like to. Feel free to try it out and please comment in the comments section below.


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