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Life Offshore

Working offshore is not for everyone. The job requires you to travel and be away from home and your family. It is a hard and dangerous task that has to be accomplished in harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, growth opportunities are great and the pay package is among the best in the world.

You will work 12 hour days, usually two weeks on two weeks off. This means that you will “only” work six months per year. You can do what you like with your free time, even starting a small business. Many offshore workers don`t even come back to the UK most of the time, they go to places such as Thailand or the Caribbean, which gives them a nice holiday and a tax break at the same time.

There are countless pages on the internet describing life on oil rigs, we advice you to search for and read some of them. In general the rule is that the newer and more modern rigs provide better conditions. Separate rooms with internet connection are starting to become the norm on better installations. Even then working and living in the same confined area with a few hundred males who you never met before can be challenging.

You would also miss out on your family a lot, so make sure that everybody in your family understands and agrees with the choice that you are making when going offshore.

It is usually said that the life of a rig worker is a single/divorced man`s life. There is a lot of truth in that.

Good luck!


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