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What Is An EICR?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an important document covering the state and condition of a particular electrical installation within a specified location such as a domestic dwelling.

The EICR can be issued after a completion of a full Periodic Inspection and Testing process. This process involves steps such as visual inspection of the installation and electrical tests such as continuity tests, insulation resistance tests and RCD tests among others.

All the findings will be presented in a neat and organised manner in the EICR form. On average it is a 8-9 pages long document with a declaration at the end stating whether the electrical installation inspected and tested is in an overall SATISFACTORY or UNSATISFACTORY condition.

Additionally, the electrician completing the EICR can rate the various parts of the electrical installation with the fallowing codes:

  • Code C1 Danger Present – Immediate remedial action required
  • Code C2 Potentially dangerous – Urgent remedial action required
  • Code C3 Improvement recommended

Upon completion, the person ordering the work (e.g.: owner of a house) will keep the original certificate and the electrician completingg the periodic inspection and testing will retain a copy of the original.

Blank EICR form

A free and editable EICR form can be downloaded from here (opens in a new window).


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