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ECS Card Renewal

Renewing your ECS card is a relatively simple process which depends on whether your card has actually run out of date or not:

  • If your ECS card has less than three months left until its expiry date you can renew your card online using the MyECS service

    The renewal can be done entirely online, including application and payment, and is much easier than calling and posting photos and paper documentation.


  • If your ECS card has expired, the easiest way to get a new card is to call the ECA Administration team on 0845 313 1532.

    In this case you are required to pass the ECS Health and Safety Test before applying for a new ECS card with the JIB. The test will cost you £48 and it can be arranged calling the number mentioned above. Once the test is passed, you will receive an email with your test result and instructions how to contact the JIB in order to apply for the new ECS card.

ECS Card Replacement

If you have lost your card less than three months before its expiry date, you can order a replacement card online, using MyECS.

In this case you don't have to pass the test, and a replacement card will be issued with the same expiry date as the lost card.


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