18th Edition Online Course by LearnZone Media Review

18th Edition Online Course by LearnZone Media Review

Is this the best way to get your qualification?

18th edition online course

One of the best 18th Edition online courses to take is the one by Trevor Webb in association with LearnZone Media. Trevor works through the book, highlighting everything that is needed for the exam.

This online course, giving you tutor support, revision questions and a dedicated exam simulator, is an excellent choice for those who want to get the qualification done on a budget.

• Price – only £78.80 (VAT-inclusive)
• Study on PC, Mac, Laptop or Smartphone anywhere in the world
• Video presentations, revision questions, exam simulator and Final Test (mock test)
• Dedicated tutor support via email or telephone
• 30 days money back guarantee

• Telephone tutor support on Premium plan only


As you know, here at SparkyFacts.co.uk we provide you with resources to help you prepare for your electrical exam. Free resources such as guides, past exam papers or exam simulators are all here to help you on your way to becoming a qualified electrician.

However, our guides only go so far. Several times we have been contacted for advice and recommendations about training course providers for electrical courses. Unfortunately, there are far too many colleges, schools and other course providers to effectively and reliably review and recommend them.

However, there is online distance learning, the area where the choice is much more limited, where training courses are provided as products which we can review and decide whether to recommend or not.

There are now several companies offering online courses for the electrical industry. We took the time and examined all such courses for various factors such as cost, delivery, content, and ease of use.

After careful examination we have come to the conclusion that of all the 18th Edition online courses available on the internet, we clearly recommend these two:

  • 18th Edition C&G 2382-22 Online Course by LearnZoneMedia,
  • the Regs 18th Edition Online Course.

Both these courses are highly informative, practical and come with dedicated tutor support. However, our personal favourite is the one offered by LearnZone Media for which we are giving a detailed review.

Sales page

Arriving at the sales page of this course, we are presented with a nice, clean layout where all important information about the course is presented. There is no need to navigate to other pages for additional details. We liked that.

There is a section about the tutor himself, then the Class Curriculum preview section followed by FAQ`s and pricing options.

Course platform

You might not notice at this point, but the course is built on the Teachable platform, which is excellent for delivering online courses. It is easily accessible from any device, from any part of the world with internet connection and it is 100% responsive, so the course will look great on any PC or smartphone.


One of the first things that you will notice about the LearnZone Media course is that it has been written by a professional tutor with many years of electrical industry experience.

There is nice little section where Trevor outlines his approach for delivering the course, which is going through the book from cover to cover and making sure that everything needed for the exam is pointed out, explained or commented.

Class Curriculum

The next section is class curriculum preview which is very useful because it shows you what sections make the course structure.

We really like that the first, introductory part of the course can be watched immediately and for free, without the need to sign up or log in. We definitely recommend watching it to get an idea of what you can expect further in the course.

Course format

The course is presented in four sections:
(1) Introduction,
(2) BS 7671 from cover to cover,
(3) Tips and tricks, with handouts, and finally the
(4) 18th Edition exam simulator with handpicked questions.

After completing the enrolment process you will be led directly to the main Class Curriculum page where you can start your first lecture. Depending on whether or not you already viewed the introduction video, the first lecture will be BS 7671 From cover to cover – Part 1.

18th edition course home page

...so that we can see better:

zoomed in

As you can see on the image above, the course is presented as a series of video presentations on each of the Parts of the Wiring Regulations book. Trevor is doing all the narrating which encourages you to follow him having the book opened in front of you. He goes from section to section, from regulation to regulation, reading out and occasionally further explaining everything that is needed for the exam.

This approach is very similar to what you would find in a classroom based course. However, doing it online makes it far more effective and faster, not to mention cheaper than the classroom version

After each video section covering a Part of the book, there is a section with revision questions. The questions are based on the specific Part of BSBS 7671 in the video presentation, so they are relatively easy to answer. However, it is the very process of looking for the answers that will familiarise you with the book,so answering them is absolutely essential.

It is worth noting that hints are given instead of just providing the answers for the questions. We liked that method of teaching – it will get you to the answers quickly and effectively.

Completion of all the video presentations means that the whole book has been gone through.

The next section of the course is Tips & Tricks and Handouts.

These handouts can be downloaded and printed out. Some of them are helpful for the exam, such as IP tables, some will be helpful later, such as maximum Zs figures adjusted for the 80% rule. These can be really useful, so well done for that!

The final part of this online course is the dedicated exam simulator for the 18th Edition exam.

As you know, the best way to prepare for a multiple-choice exam is to keep practising with an exam simulator until you consistently achieve a successful mark. This makes the dedicated exam simulator an essential tool in this online course and a very welcomed addition as compared to some other courses available online.

18th edition online course exam simulator

In order to make it as helpful as possible, Trevor has handpicked the questions himself ensuring that the questions in the simulator are very similar to the ones in the real exam. This makes this exam simulator super relevant, so again, well done for that!


Priced at £78.80, this online course is excellent value for money considering the content and tools provided.

There is also a 30 days money back guarantee, so it is really a no brainer if you are looking for 18th Edition training on the budget.

The only downside we would highlight is the fact that in order to receive a dedicated tutor support you need to sign up for the more expensive Premium plan, which currently stands at £199.00 (VAT-inclusive).


The 18th Edition online course by LearnZone Media is definitely our favourite choice at the moment. Price-wise competitive, it is presented in a professional manner on an easy to use platform. It also comes with a dedicated exam simulator and on the Premium plan you also get dedicated tutor support.


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