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18th Edition Course Providers In Chesterfield

Below you will find a comprehensive list of City and Guilds accredited training centres who offer the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations course in Chesterfield. Be sure to compare prices for the 18th Edition course.

Before signing up with any of these training centres, we advise you to enquire about the duration of the actual course because this may vary from one centre to another. Also, training providers with longer history in teaching tend to have better facilities than the newcomers.

Although we have done our best to keep the prices as up to date as possible, changes may occur over time.

Course Providers Course Price (£)
Chesterfield College
Infirmary Road Chesterfield, S41 7NG
Tel: 01246 500562
Email: advice@chesterfield.ac.uk
Web: www.chesterfield.ac.uk
PASS Training - Derbyshire Centre
Premier Inn Chesterfield North Tapton Lock Hill Off Rotherway Chesterfield S41 7NJ
Tel: 0845 365 39 45
Email: training@pat-services.co.uk
Wen: www.electricaltrainingcourse.co.uk
504.00 - Three days
NLT Training Services
Devonshire House Station Road Brimington
Chesterfield S43 1JU
Tel: 0845 40 80 378
Email: info@nlt-training.co.uk
Web: nlt-training.co.uk
500.00 - Three days

HintWhy not try an online course? One of the best is the 18th Edition online course by LearnZone Media, which we recommend based on its excellent quality, content and value for money. Read our full review here.


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