Tips and tricks for the 17th Edition (C&G 2382) exam |

Tips And Tricks For The 17th Edition exam

Tip&Trick 1: It is absolutely essential to have a thorough and clear understanding of all definitions contained in Part 2 of the I.E.E. wiring Regulations book. Although you will only get two questions directly from this part of the book, a clear understanding of Definitions will be essential to understand the questions from other parts of the book.

Tip&Trick 2: Try to do as much mock exams by finding old or example questions for the 17th edition exam as possible. The more you practice the better.

Tip&Trick 3: Read through the BS 7671 17th edition book at least once in great detail. This will help you memorise BETTER the locations of certain regulations.

Tip&Trick 4: The Table of Contents is your best friend on the 17th edition exam. Feel free to pencil in as many notes as you can in order to find regulations faster in the book.

Tip&Trick 5: For start don`t use the On Site Guide book. That book is an excellent guide and you will find it very helpful at latter stages, but since it differs significantly in structure from the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, it will only confuse you at the start of the learning process.

Tip&Trick 6: Remember that the On Site Guide is not a requirement for passing the C&G 2382-15 exam (Requirements of the Electrical Installations – 17th Edition of Electrical Installations BS 7671).


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