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MOCK EXAM from past papers - No. 2

Answers to the 17th Edition (C&G 2382) MOCK exam:

Question 1=b
Question 2=c
Question 3=c
Question 4=b
Question 5=b
Question 6=b
Question 7=c
Question 8=a
Question 9=d
Question 10=d
Question 11=a
Question 12=a
Question 13=d
Question 14=b
Question 15=d
Question 16=c
Question 17=d
Question 18=b
Question 19=b
Question 20=a
Question 21=d
Question 22=b
Question 23=c
Question 24=c
Question 25=d
Question 26=a
Question 27=c
Question 28=d
Question 29=d
Question 30=d
Question 31=b
Question 32=c
Question 33=d
Question 34=b
Question 35=a
Question 36=c
Question 37=d
Question 38=c
Question 39=c
Question 40=b
Question 41=d
Question 42=c
Question 43=d
Question 44=d
Question 45=c
Question 46=b
Question 47=b
Question 48=c
Question 49=d
Question 50=d
Question 51=d
Question 52=d
Question 53=c
Question 54=b
Question 55=c
Question 56=b
Question 57=d
Question 58=a
Question 59=c
Question 60=d


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