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MOCK EXAM from past papers - No. 1

46. One reason for carrying out a polarity test is to ensure that
a. lighting switches work
b. the outer contact on an Edison light fitting is connected to the line conductor
c. socket-outlets are switched
d. fuses are fitted in the line conductor

47. An earth fault loop impedance test determines the actual value of
a. ZS
b. Ze
c. R1
d. R2

48.Electrical Installation Certificates should be signed by those responsible for the
a. inspection and testing only
b. installation work only
c. main contract
d. design, construction, inspection and testing

49. The result and extent of a Periodic Inspection and Test shall be recorded and given to the
a. original installer
b. person ordering the inspection
c. representative of the supplier
d. installation designer

50. Four of the tests on a completed installation required by BS 7671 are 1. Insulation resistance 2. Continuity of protective conductors 3. Continuity of ring final circuits 4. Polarity Which one of the following shows the correct order in which the tests should be carried out?
a. 1, 2, 3 and 4
b. 2, 3, 1 and 4
c. 3, 1, 4 and 2
d. 2, 4, 1 and 3

51. The test voltage for an insulation resistance test on an installation with a 400V supply is
a. 250V d.c.
b. 400V d.c.
c. 500V d.c.
d. 1000V d.c.

52. When carrying out a continuity test of circuit protective conductors, it is recommended that the test instrument operates at
a. 500V and delivers a short-circuit current of 100mA
b. 50V and delivers a short-circuit current of 200mA
c. 20V and delivers a short-circuit current of 100mA
d. 20V and delivers a short-circuit current of 200mA

53. An inspection shall be made to verify that the installed electrical equipment is
a. connected to the supply and energised
b. not visibly damaged
c. functioning safely when energised
d. exceeds the minimum insulation resistance value

54. In a bathroom the protective measure of placing out of reach is
a. not allowed
b. allowed in zones 1 and 2
c. allowed in zone 2 only
d. allowed in all zones

55. Electrical equipment installed above a swimming pool diving board should be fixed at a height of not less than
a. 1.5m
b. 2.0m
c. 2.5m
d. 3.0m

56. The particular requirements for mobile or transportable units apply to
a. generating sets
b. mobile workshops
c. mobile machinery to BS EN 60204-1
d. traction equipment of electric vehicles

57. Construction site special regulations apply to
a. all site offices
b. earthworks
c. site canteens
d. site toilets

58. On agricultural premises, an RCD may be used for protection against fire providing the operating current does not exceed
a. 30mA
b. 100mA
c. 300mA
d. 500mA

59. The minimum cross-sectional area of any conductor in a caravan is
a. 1.5mm2
b. 2.5mm2
c. 4.0mm2
d. 6.0mm2

60. The maximum permissible height for a caravan inlet is a
a . 0.5m
b. 1.0m
c. 1.5m
d. 1.8m


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