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17th Edition 1st Amendment

17th edition 1st  amendment

BS 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations, Seventeenth Edition) Amendment Number One is due to be published in July 2011.

The amendment brings along significant changes and additions to the wiring regulations.  If you are an electrician, electrical contractor or an electrical designer you must be familiar with these changes.

We believe that there will be a number of courses designed to help you grasp all the changes and bring you up to date with the 17th edition regulations.

So what will change? 

According to our sources this is what you can expect:

- New Section 444 – Measures against electromagnetic disturbances.

Welding machines, transformers and switching of inductive loads such as electric motors, fluorescent lighting etc. are all sources of electromagnetic disturbances within an installation. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) may disturb or damage IT systems/equipment as well as electronic components or circuits. Amendment one of the 17th edition of wiring regulations will introduce requirements and regulations to avoid potential problems arising from electromagnetic  disturbances.

- New Section 534 – Devices for protection against overvoltage (surge protection).

Lightning strikes and electrical switching can inject what are called transient overvoltages into installations. Transient voltages are usually only a few micro seconds in duration but can go up to kV`s.  New section 534 contains requirements for the installation of SPDs to limit transient overvoltages and divert damaging surge current away from sensitive equipment such as computers or other electronics devices.

- New Section 710 – Medical locations.

 New requirements in the 17th edition of wiring regulations amendment one deal with a new type of location, the medical location. The aim is to ensure the safety of patients likely to be subjected to the application of medical electrical equipment.

- New Section 729 – Operating or maintenance gangways.

This new section of the 17th edition of wiring regulations brings requirements in accordance with the Electricity at work Regulations.

- New model form – the Electrical Installation Condition Report.

One of the biggest changes in the Amendment 1 of the wiring regulations is the replacement of the Periodic Inspection Report with the new Electrical Condition Report.  This model form will serve the same purpose as the old one but with different reporting options and details. The new Electrical Condition Report can be downloaded from here (this link will become live as soon as the new form is available).

This is it (as far as we know today).

If you have additional information regarding the new amendment of the wiring regulations, feel free to comment that others can benefit from the information as well. 

This page will be updated whenever additional information appear on changes to the 17th edition of wiring regulations.

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